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Urban Court - Le Botanique view from the fountain

The location

A neighbourhood worth discovering

Both middle class and folksy, the Marais neighbourhood has known its days of economic glory. Today, homes are gradually taking over from offices.

In this trendy and lively district, everything is close at hand: the Théâtre National, the Botanique, Passage 44, the many stores in the rue Neuve, Belgium’s busiest shopping street, bars and restaurants, schools and universities, cinemas, the hospital…



In the very heart of Brussels


A historic neighbourhood where past and future meet


Enjoy the best of what life in the city has to offer

Surrounding activities

Restaurants, shops, entertainment, schools, universities, hospitals… everything is within walking distance.


You can choose to walk, cycle, use public transport or drive your car.
And if you want to get away from it all, there are plenty of opportunities to escape, whether by public transport, train or car. Zaventem airport is only 15 km away.

Urban Court - Outside of metro station De Brouckère

Bus Tram Metro


Saint-Louis stop at 250 m
(line 61 to the west)
Rogier station at 500 m
(lines 47 and 88 to the north)


Congres stop at 200 m
(Tram 92 and 93, north-south axis)
Rogier station at 500 m
(Tram 3, 4, 25, 32 and 55 to the west and north)


Rogier station at 500 m
(lines 2, 3, 4 and 6)
Botanic station at 500 m
(lines 2 and 6)
De Brouckère station at 700 m
(lines 1, 3, 4 and 5)

Urban Court - Picture of Villo!'s bike shared transportation

Other ways of transport

The location

Zen Car, Cambio, Ubeeqo, DriveNow, Zip Car

The location

(station 31, Comic strip museum at 300 m)

The location

(electric scooters available everywhere)

Urban Court - Centrale train station's entrance

Train & airport

The location

North Station
(located 1 km to the north)
Central Station
(located 1 km to the south)

The location

Brussels Airport
(12 km by car and 25 minutes by train)

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