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Our car parks

Investing in a parking space

Our car parks

Price: €30,000 each (9+1 free for a pack of 10 parking lots)

We offer parking spaces for sale at -2 of our new Urban Court building. These car parks are located on rue aux Choux in the peaceful Marais district, a district which is attractive for its beautiful urban mix where housing and various services coexist. More precisely, they are located a stone’s throw from the City2 shopping center and rue Neuve to the west and the comic strip museum and boulevard Pachéco to the east and 500 m from Place de la Monnaie to the south.

Technical description

  • The parking spaces are new, it is a first occupation and are therefore in excellent condition.
  • The parking lot floors are made of smooth concrete.
  • The access ramp from the road level to level -2 is made of brushed
  • concrete to prevent slipping in winter.
  • For added safety, it is equipped with an evacuation gutter runoff water.
  • The entrance walls as well as the ceiling of this ramp are in concrete coated with a coating on insulation.
  • A system of lights signage is in place.

Charging station

In agreement with the co-ownership and the trustee, it is possible to add an electric charging station

In Brussels, investing in a parking space is a really interesting option. As with any real estate investment, here are some points to take into account:

  • Constant demand: Brussels is a densely populated city, and the demand for parking spaces remains high, particularly in central districts and areas with high residential or commercial density. With its Good Move plan, on-street locations will become increasingly rare. Brussels will still eliminate many parking spaces in 2024 since each public space redevelopment project provides for a reduction in the number of surface parking spaces, not to mention increasingly extended paid hours for a parking rate that increases significantly. 
  • Passive income: If you buy a parking space, you can rent it to a tenant, which generates regular passive income. In addition, you are not taxed on rental income but on cadastral income. It is even possible to request a VAT exemption.
  • Low maintenance costs: The maintenance costs of a parking space are generally lower than for other types of real estate. You don’t have to worry about building maintenance, major repairs, etc.
  • Relatively affordable investment: Compared to buying an apartment or a house, purchasing a parking space can be less expensive (€30,000 – 9+1 Free), making it accessible to a wider range of people. investors.
  • Security: Having a location mainly allows you to park your car in complete safety

Investing in a parking space remains a safe investment with a high return.

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